Sign the Petition to Support Researchers Who Have Received Layoff Notices at OHSU!

Just a quick request -- we need your help in supporting fellow Researchers who have received layoff notices at OHSU!

As you may have seen, Research Workers United has created a petition to address unexpected issues surrounding the recent (and much-deserved) pay increase. You can sign it here and it takes only seconds. Please feel free to share it with others as well -- anyone can sign!

Because of the rash way in which this was implemented by leadership, we are already hearing distressing news about Researcher layoff announcements since PIs are expected to cover the wage increase with current grant funding instead of it coming from OHSU’s own growing budget. Leadership has knowingly allowed this to happen and we cannot stand idly by without advocating for those impacted by a decision that was made without any meaningful input from the people at the frontlines of the actual research.

Since leadership created this problem, we demand that they must solve it by covering the cost of these pay increases, rather than forcing PIs to figure out how to bear the cost. For the time being, this is the only equitable solution that will maintain our shared standard of quality work at OHSU while protecting Researchers and the scope and quality of their projects. 

In solidarity,