Did you know Research Workers United has vitual office hours?

Please join us for our first in-person town hall event! 

OHSU Researchers United stands in solidarity with our colleagues at the University of California who joined other academic workers at UC who went on strike on November 14th and are calling for better pay and benefits. UC research workers unionized and negotiated their first contract in 2019, forming one of the first academic research workers in the country.

Feeling the winter blues?  Want to meet some of your coworkers? Interested in learning more about the campaign to build a researchers union at OHSU? Why not join us for a union happy hour?

These events will be a great opportunity to share some collegiality and learn more about what it means to form a union, how it's going, and how you might be able to help!  For your convenience, we have two events coming up in December--one in Portland and one in Beaverton. See below for details!