Forming Our Union

Why do we want a research union?

Research Workers United (RWU) is organizing a union to raise work standards so that our jobs can be stable careers rather than “stepping stones.” We believe that research staff deserve adequate resources for financial security and a sustainable work-life balance that reduces turnover, making it feasible for staff to remain and progress in their positions. Our aim for this union is to make sure that researchers like you can have a voice with improved transparency by working together in partnership with OHSU administration and continuing to make OHSU a great place for scientific discovery.

Your union authorization signature is a 'YES' vote for forming a union!

  • Once a majority of your coworkers sign, a state entity called the Employment Relations Board (ERB) will review our eligibility for unionization and officially certify our union if a majority of us sign.
  • Getting union authorization is the first formal step toward getting a seat at the decision-making table and will be able to collectively bargain a first contract.
  • Authorization signatures are never shared with OHSU management, the information is exclusively used by the union and will only be shared with the ERB for verification during union authorization.
  • Retaliation for signing is prohibited by law. Signatures are never shared with immigration authorities.
  • Signing for union authorization is not a membership, but you may opt-in at any time. See below for more information about union membership and how to opt-in.

Becoming a member is the most fundamental way to support your union. Our union is run for and by the members who are researchers just like you. Due to the large size of this group, we are requesting that researchers sign a membership card along with their authorization card. Enrolling now means that we will not have to track everyone down a second time, but this is optional.

  • Our power comes from a united membership. Strong member support means our union can bargain and enforce a better contract, in addition to supporting the needs of OHSU researchers.
  • Only members get to vote on the contract, union elections, or run for union positions.
  • You may opt-in for membership at any time.
  • Membership dues are affordable (1.275% of your base pay, think of it as $12.75 for every $1000 earned). Dues only take effect once the new contract is ratified and negotiated pay increases take effect.