It's Time to Sign Union Cards!

At long last, it's time for us to sign union cards! Signing a card is how you vote "yes" to forming a union.

Let’s finish this union campaign with the same passion and pride that our work inspires in us, and join together to demand the respect our roles deserve. We’ll be holding events at each OHSU campus where you can celebrate all of your hard work in making this union happen and officially authorize your support and membership of our union, a major turning point for us to be recognized by OHSU management as a legitimate organized front to defend researchers’ wages, benefits, and bargaining capability! All of these events will provide free food and a celebratory environment where you can speak to RWU organizers! More information will be released soon regarding electronic authorization as well!

  • Marquam Hill - RJH Atrium | October 17th, 12pm-1pm

  • West Campus - Craft Pour House (16055 SW Regatta Ln # 700) | October 17th, 6pm-8pm

  • South Waterfront - KCRB Atrium | October 18th, 12pm-1pm